Hey there Delilah Cold Process Soap


  • Hey there Delilah Cold Process Soap
  • Hey there Delilah Cold Process Soap
  • Hey there Delilah Cold Process Soap
  • Hey there Delilah Cold Process Soap

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A delicate botanical inspired handcrafted artisan soap that is perfect for use on all skin types,  especially dry & sensitive.

Naturally rich with avocado oil, turmeric, chamomile & essential oils, your skin will reap the benefits of these wonderful ingredients!

Chamomile: Calming to skin, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric: Natural anti-inflammatory, contains curcuminoid pigments to help the body synthesize antioxidants, soothing and antibacterial qualities. 

Rose Pink Clay: Rich in silica for skin elasticity,  reduces redness and irritation.

Lavender: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing, calming.

Avocado Oil: Concentrated fatty acids to smoothen,  soften & restore hydration. Rich in Vitamin E, potassium and lecithin.

This soothing soap smells naturally herbaceous and relaxing from lavender & slighly citrusy from lemon essential oils. 

It is naturally coloured with turmeric, rose pink clay and indigo. 

It has been formulated for all skin types from sensitive to dry.

Handmade and carefully formulated with a variety of nutrient dense oils, shea butter and coconut cream to create a creamy and gentle lather. 

***Each bar is hand cut and weighs approximately 180 grams. Because cold process soaps continue to cure and lose water content until they are used, each individual bar may weigh slightly different from the above weight.***

Saponified oils of chamomile infused olive, sustainable palm, coconut & castor, avocado, shea butter, aqua, coconut cream, chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, turmeric, indigo, rose pink clay, lavender buds, chamomile.

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