Galactica Cold Process Soap

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  • Galactica Cold Process Soap
  • Galactica Cold Process Soap
  • Galactica Cold Process Soap

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GALACTICA - Limited Edition Soap Bar

An out of this world handcrafted artisan soap that is inspired by the dark corners of the galaxy.

This cosmic soap is scented in a jellybean blend of cotton candy, strawberry & bubblegum! 

Black as deep space, this soap is naturally made with activated coconut charcoal! 

Planets have been handrolled from different coloured soap shreds to represent the solar system.  

Activated Charcoal: Draws toxins such as bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.

This handmade soap has been carefully formulated with a variety of skin loving oils, shea butter and coconut cream to create a creamy and gentle lather.
Rich natural oils such a coconut, castor & olive cleanse and moisturize your skin while activated has been added to detoxify. 

***Each bar is hand cut and weighs approximately 170 grams. Because cold process soaps continue to cure and lose water content until they are used, each individual bar may weigh slightly different from the above weight.***

Saponified oils of olive, sustainable palm, coconut & castor, aqua, shea butter, coconut cream, fragrance oils, activated charcoal, mica, cosmetic glitter.

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