Soap Bundle Sample Soap Travel Size Cold Process Soap


  • Soap Bundle Sample Soap Travel Size Cold Process Soap
  • Soap Bundle Sample Soap Travel Size Cold Process Soap

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This listing is for a bundle of random soap samples that I carefully put together myself.

Perfect for trying a variety of soap types before purchasing larger bars!

Take with you when you travel!

Use individual slices at the kitchen or bathroom sink!

Great for guests or as gifts!

Great for stocking stuffers!

There can be no guarantee as to which soaps will come included. Please expect soap slices to be different thicknesses.

I cannot guarantee any bundle will contain a particular soap type.

All handmade soap has been carefully formulated with a variety of skin loving oils and coconut cream to create a creamy and gentle lather. Soap slithers may contain exfoliating ingredients, honey, beeswax and other additives.
Rich natural oils such a coconut & olive cleanse and moisturize your skin while shea butter has been added to most to nourish.

***Each bundle weighs approximately 130 grams. Because cold process soaps continue to cure and lose water content until they are used, each individual bundle may weigh slightly different from the above weight.***

Ingredients may include but not limited to:
Saponified oils of olive, sustainable palm, coconut, rice bran, sunflower, safflower, castor, cocoa butter, avocado & shea butter, aqua, coconut cream, fragrance, titanium dioxide, mica, activated charcoal, poppy seeds, cosmetic colourant, green tea, silver cosmetic glitter, botanicals

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